Sekhem on the Great River

Name:Sekhem on the Great River
Location:Click Here To Open SL Map
Sim Rating:Adult
Requires Membership:No
Membership Fee:N/A
Object Rezzing:Yes
Related Links:None
Venue Style:Ancient Egypt, Desert, Aliens, RP Sim
Notes:Period clothing required (togas, silks, loincloths, etc.). Genitals must be covered in public, topless OK. RP limits must be in your profile. No child avatars or SL members under 18 years old in RL. Chariots, horses, camels, elephants, etc. permitted. Sci-Fi technology may be permitted, consult Admin first. All dwellings are private, do not enter unless invited. If you wish to portray an ancient goddess or god, your avatar & items used must be approved by an admin.
Guidelines:Adult Sim rules apply in addition to any listed in Notes above. See the sim for full list of rules if present, subject to change at Sim Owners discretion. The rules presented by the sim will always supersede any mentioned here.
Last Update:May 08, 2020