Japan Tempura Island

Name / SLURL:Japan Tempura Island
Sim Rating:Moderate
Membership Rqd:No
Social Media:Website | Flickr
Style:Japanese, Nature, Garden, Forest, Ballroom, Castle
Notes:In addition to Moderate Sim rules: No weapons unless they are accessories only. Nudity only allowed in private rooms, not in public. No excessive particles, gruesome avatars, vehicles, biting, profanity. No public RP (OK in private rooms). No public master-slave RP, laggy scripts or HUDs, or child avatars. No group tags, floating text, or avatar names that contain sexual meaning such as “escort, bdsm, free sex, erotic” etc. The only huge avatars allowed are dragons, however no huge avatars at all in the Ballroom. Formal dress is required in the Ballroom only. No AFKing in the Ballroom, and any dance requests must be made via I.M. No drunk or adult animations may be used in the Ballroom. See sim for full list of rules, subject to change without notice.
Last Updated: Mar 14, 2020