France Gateway

Name:France Gateway
Location:Click Here To Open SL Map
Sim Rating:Moderate
Requires Membership:No
Membership Fee:N/A
Object Rezzing:No
Related Links:Discord
Venue Style:Modern, Urban, France, Various Themed Areas
Notes:French speaking venue. Upon teleporting into the sim, you will land in the main hub inside the pyramid shaped building. From here you can find teleporters and directions to various areas including: SL School, Freebie Area, Help Center, Tropical Themed Zone, Cyber Japan Themed Zone, No Man’s Land Themed Zone, Cthululand (Amusement Park) Themed Zone, and Dance Club.
Guidelines:Moderate Sim rules apply in addition to any listed in Notes above. See the sim for full list of rules if present, subject to change at Sim Owners discretion. The rules presented by the sim supersede any mentioned here. Second Life Terms of Service always supersede the rules laid out by its residents.